Monday, March 06, 2006

What she does for me

Talked with wife on the phone before Jazzercise, and she misses me very much. She needs me, and I need her, too. She asked what she did for me. I gave it some thought, and while waiting for time to go in and change clothes for Jazz, I wrote down the following:

She gives my heart a home.

She gives me someone to come home to, someone to love.

She showers her love done on me; she makes me the center of her universe.

She gives me someone to whom I can show the world, with whom I can explore it.

She gives me a partner with whom I can believe passionately in causes, like marriage equality.

She gives me her soft, curvy, sexy body; she makes me a real man.

She gives me a partner with whom I can laugh, and with whom I can cry.

Her intellect matches and compliments my own.

She "gets" me like no one has ever gotten me.

Her childhood was much like my own, and so our shared reflections affirm my own remembrances and help me understand how my childhood wounds can heal and how they influence my life today.

She's my biggest cheerleader, providing my self esteem with a much needed boost.

She is the woman I've always needed to have in my life.

And then I ran out of time, because it was time to get dressed for Jazzercise.

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