Monday, March 13, 2006

And a sweet reunion it was!

Picked up wifie and her girlfriend at the airport Friday night as planned. They were bone-tired, so I brought 'em home and at their request fixed 'em peanut butter & jelly sandwiches (with homemade bread that was still warm!). We all slept like logs that night. (Well, girlfriend fell asleep in the living room chair, but wifie and I had some catching-up to do, after which we too slept like logs.)

Saturday morning I brewed fresh coffee, cooked bacon and made us all homemade waffles (that's right - from scratch out of my old Betty Crocker cookbook). Girlfriend had to get on the road by Noon, which left dear wifie and me with nothing to do but snuggle the rest of the day.

Later that afternoon we ran out to get some chicken, which I grilled that evening after a thunderstorm passed through.

Sunday we attended church, helped out in the preschool Sunday School, attended a meeting of our GLBT+Friends group and then stayed for the late service . This service focused on the Jewish celebration of Purim and included the "Klezmer Kidz" (11 to 16 year-old Jewish kids), who played Jewish "roots" music, got everyone clapping and received a standing ovation. The service included an animated reading from the Book of Esther, during which the congregation clapped and cheered when Esther's name was mentioned and hissed, booed and stomped feet at the mention of Haman. It was great fun and educational, too.

After the service we enjoyed a delightful lunch at the Mellow Mushroom with some of our church friends.

It's Monday morning, and a line of thunderstorms is threatening to inundate us later today. This weather system has spawned numerous killer tornadoes throughout the Midwest.

Despite the all-consuming problems of this country and the world, my girl is back, and everything is right with my world.

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