Thursday, March 09, 2006

Interesting pix mix

This is the garden we planted in front of the house last summer

I took these are pix last summer during a Sunday drive within a few miles of where we live.

This is one of my high school bands (1964)

This is a Nashville band I played in during 2002-03. I'm the second from right.

I made this drawing during a plane trip in the late 1970s.

This is an ad in the local newspaper for my band's gig in suburban Maryland in 1977.

This is Harvey's Wagon Wheel Casino in the mountains west of Denver in Central City, Colorado, where I played for two weeks during a nationwide tour with a country-rock band in 1999.

This is the Isle of Capri casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, where we played in 1999 on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. It was destroyed during Katrina, but I understand it has been rebuilt.

This is the Crazy Horse memorial under construction in the Black Hills of South Dakota, a few miles away from Mount Rushmore. In front is a model of the memorial, which you can see a mile in the distance. It's huge undertaking, many times larger than Mount Rushmore that will probably take a couple more generations to finish. I took the band there to visit on our journey from Central City, Colorado to the Fort Randall casino in Wagner, South Dakota.

This is "Carhenge" outside of Chadron, Nebraska, where the band stopped briefly on our trip from Colorado to South Dakota. It really is a replica of Stonehenge made of junk cars, which are painted white. Quite surreal to find in the middle of the prarie.

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