Thursday, March 09, 2006

A good place

I'm in a good place now.

Had a productive day at work.
My job doesn't really require that much of me, so when I have a deadline looming, I get busy and end up having fun.

A severe thunderstorm came through Nashville right at rush hour; it took me almost an hour and a half to get to Jazzercise after work (usually takes 30-40 minutes). I got home about 8, when wifie called from Sanibel. She's been collecting a lot of shells. I pick her and her girlfriend up at the airport tomorrow at 9. Can't WAIT to see her again!

Fixed me some supper, then watched "My Name is Earl" and "The Office." I don't usually watch network TV, but these shows are worth watching. Feeling mellow, listening to AOL Radio and about ready to turn in for the night.

Life is cyclic.
You're up, then you're down.
It never stays the same.
It comes at you fast, like the commercial says.
Today barely starts before it's over.
Life is too short.

If I look back on my life, I see a trajectory.
It's not straight; it goes up and it goes down.
It goes right and it goes left.

Went through high school playing in bands (1960-64)
Got into and out of William & Mary (while playing in a band - 1964-68),
Married high school sweetheart (1968),
did a Navy hitch during Vietnam (1968-69),
got a job with the Telephone Company (1969),
Buried my dad (1971),
played in bands (1972-77),
raised a boy and a girl to adulthood (while playing in bands - 1970-1992),
played in bands (1988-98),
Got divorced from my wife after 26 years (1994),
Moved to the country (1994),
Married a second time (1995),
played in bands,
Buried my mom (1996),
Sold my mom's house (1998),
Sold my house (1998),
Retired from the Telephone Company after 29 years (1998),
Paid off my debts (1998),
Moved to Nashville with 2nd wife (1998),
Spent 4 months & 14,000 miles touring the northwest US and Canada in a minivan (stopping to play in bands along the way (1998),
Played in bands full-time for a year and a half,
Toured the US with Ashley & Alexia (1999),
Toured Tennessee & Wisconsin with Leroy Van Dyke (2000),
Got a job with the State of Tennessee (2000),
played in bands (to present),
Took care of my second wife for a year through her battle with leukemia (2002-03),
Wife died (2003),
Married 3rd wife (2003),
Writing this (2006)

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