Sunday, March 05, 2006

Relaxing with Academy Awards

Finally got home about 6:30, unloaded the car, changed into lounging clothes, fixed a drink, had supper. Jon Stewart is doing really well as host. Steve Carrell and Will Ferrell were hilarious co-presenters for the make-up award.

Roger the cat is being pretty affectionate; I just now sat down on the couch, and he looked up at me as if to ask, "Where's Mom?"

Talked to wifie just now; it took longer than expected to get to their place, so they had just finished supper and were heading back to their place. Her cell phone may not get enough signal on the island for her to communicate that way; I said not to worry - just get to bed and get a good night's sleep. We're both exhausted from a long weekend.

She called later on to say they'd gotten in their place okay after supper & the grocery store. She was relaxing on the porch, where she could hear the waves and see stars. Her friend and friend's mom have gone out for a walk on the beach. She's missing me very much, as I am missing her. Everything has happened so fast the past 2 days that it seems like she's been gone longer than just one day.

The First Annual Interfaith Music Festival was very good; I got a decent videotape of it. The sound system was real funky, though, and it took Jason and I a while to make it work right for us. There were a couple of glitches with the sound early on, such as when he tried to use the pulpit mic, and when I turned up the volume it sounded like a bomb went off in the sanctuary - but altogether it was a great-sounding show.

It's interesting to watch the Oscars, since I hardly ever see the movies themselves. The show was quite entertaining, just what I needed after an exhausting weekend. Lots of energy was expended Saturday & Sunday, and I finally got a good 5 hours of R&R. Now it's time for bed - need to catch up on my sleep.

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