Friday, March 31, 2006

Springtime lunch walk around Nashville's Bicentennial Mall

This week reminded me what a delight it is to live in Middle Tennessee during the spring and to work downtown in such a beautiful city as Nashville.

I took my camera along on a walk around the Bicentennial Mall during lunch the other day.

Looked at the granite plaques celebrating Tennessee's land shapes,

Musical roots,



the first Tennesseans,



and rivers

as well as a huge walking map of the state

Walked by the amphitheater

enjoyed the redbuds in flower

and another tree whose buds are red,

but turn white upon opening

like this.

I walked farther along the mall

approaching the carillon

that plays "The Tennessee Waltz" every hour on the hour

which you can enjoy in 360-degree stereo

got an interesting angle on one of the towers

and another

then started back the other direction toward the capitol (on the hill in the distance)

got a little closer

down the sidewalk

then as I approached a stand of redbud trees

stopped to admire some tiny red berries on a bush

and got a closer look

and enjoyed a view of the redbuds against the blue sky

then observed the state flags against the same blue sky

before returning to work, where a large magnolia tree spreads its branches.


Wrkinprogress said...

Babe, thank you for taking me on this walk with you. I love that part of downtown, and you really brought it "home" for me (since I'm reading this at home!!!) I love the way you've begun illustrating your blog -- makes it all the more interesting to read and enjoy.

I love you, precious, intelligent, talented man.


C in Knoxville said...

Your pictures are great! I will have to check that all out next time I am in Nashville.

r from nashville said...

Did you stand right in the middle of the circle of bells? There is a metal rod, driven into the ground, right where the 3 stars meet. When you stand exactly on this metal rod spot, I found that sound resonates in a very interesting way. Did you notice this?
I grew up in Nashville, in the 1940's, 50's, and 60's - I come back when I can.

RunAwayImagination said...

Dear R from Nashville,

I've stood right in the middle of the cirle of bells and enjoyed the 360-degree sound, but never noticed the metal rod in the center. I'll have to make a point of noticing it the next time I take a walk through Bicentennial Mall.

I'm a relative newcomer to Nashville, having moved here in 1998. I'll bet you've witnessed quite a few changes since you grew up here decades ago. I saw the DC suburbs of Northern Virginia grow from a close-in bedroom community into an urban highrise jungle.

I believe Nashville will one day grow into a metropolis similar to Atlanta, along with all the typical big-city headaches. I'm enjoying living in Music City right now in what seems to me like a golden age, where we get the benefits of a big city without all the problems.

I return from time to time to my native Northern VA, but it doesn't seem like home anymore. Nashville is my new hometown.