Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Wife was in my dreams last night. We were visiting someplace - actually several places in several "dreamlets."

One I remember is that there was a swimming pool, except you had to first jump into a smaller pool before getting into the big one.

Then there was a dream where we were tossing a rubber ball back and forth between some friends who were perched up on a high wall.

At another time we were lying down in someone's bedroom - not ours - but we must've been guests of someone.

Then I remember her sitting in a lawn chair, and we were about to get up and go through the line to get some picnic food, and she suggested we go someplace else - I forget where, but it was a secret word we knew meant we were going to have sex. Hmmm.... not exactly "rocket science" to figure out what that dream was about.

Oh well, my coffee is ready. I may pick this up again after I get to work.

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