Friday, March 10, 2006


Tonight my sweetheart returns from a week on Sanibel Island.
I pick her up from the airport at 9, unless she can catch an earlier plane.
Pretty sure we'll all be tired by the time she gets home,
but I can't wait to wrap my arms around her beautiful body,
smother her beautiful face with kisses,
and hear her soft, sweet voice call my name.

I've got the housework caught up (vacuuming, moping, dishes, laundry),
so we'll have tomorrow all to ourselves.
Time for some catch-up loving.
As they say, separation makes the heart grow fonder.

She'll probably spend a good bit of tomorrow catching up with her email,
but tomorrow night I may cook us a steak on the grill,
and we can enjoy a romantic supper together.

Maybe watch a little TV;
I've taped the Daily Show and Colbert Report all week,
which we both enjoy.
And she wants to see the video I recorded at the gig last Saturday,
plus the tape from the Interfaith Music Festival.

Mostly snuggle.

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