Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Sanity usually feels solid as rock,
but sometimes it feels like a thin ledge.
One mis-step and plunge into nothingness.

But those times don't last long.

Sometimes this world
is a lonely place.

My sister is facing thyroid surgery,
but now heart issues have surfaced.

My wife faces multiple health issues.

If this is a movie,
I want to get my hands around the screenwriter's neck.

And so it is with the ebb and flow of life.
Emotions tumble from high to low,
then back to high again,
stealing with them the illusion of control.

Sometimes my daily work seems important,
but sometimes it seems like meaningless drudgery.

Life stretches out longer behind than ahead.
So much time was and is wasted,
but who's to say what's wasted and what isn't?

In the end no one judges you,
except yourself.