Saturday, February 18, 2006

Snow day

We woke up this morning to a newly-fallen layer of snow.
The woods behind our house had become a winter wonderland in the night
as a winter storm moved through Middle Tennessee.

Above is the view from our bedroom window.

We have eight bird feeders that hang off our deck, including one for sunflower seed, one for mixed seed, two thistle feeders, two suet cages and two hummingbird feeders that are awaiting the return of our little friends from the south. The long metal cans attached to the hangers keep the squirrels, raccoons and opossums from devouring the birdseed.

I then proceeded to set out a "bird party" of extra seed on the deck railing, which always attracts a crowd. Mr. Downey Woodpecker is feasting on the suet, while Mr. Cardinal is enjoying the seed along with a flock of goldfinches. Notice Mr. Squirrel looking for a bite in the grill.

And here's Mr. Squirrel enjoying an easy meal on the railing:

Our cat enjoys watching the wildlife too, but as soon as he saw me on the floor with the camera, he figured it was time to play.

Below is the view from our kitchen window.

After making wonderful, spontaneous love, I started the bacon cooking, toasted some homemade bread and made us an egg, bacon and cheese sandwich that we enjoyed while being entertained by our cat and the other wild creatures with whom we share this paradise.

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