Friday, February 03, 2006

A good day

A good day
Yesterday was a good day.
Took wife to a doctor's appointment after lunch,
then she accompanied me to my doctor's appointment later.
Afterwards we drove a friend to the airport.

We talked about codependence.
She is so understanding,
as we share the legacy
of an abusive family,
needing to protect ourselves
from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
being made caregivers
when we should have been taken care of.

Afterwards we came home, had a nice supper,
watched some TV,
shared a warm bath together
and made fabulous love.

Life is so good with her; I am a lucky man.

Tonight I have a gig with a classic rock band.
I'm the second keyboard player,
so I can relax and enjoy the backup role,
mostly playing organ and piano fills.

Tomorrow there's a 40% chance of snow.
A fire in the fireplace with snow filling up our woods
is very romantic.
Of course Sunday is the Super Bowl.
(I call it the "Hyperbole" - get it? hahaha)
We have no dogs in this fight
but hope for an entertaining game.

Life is good.

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