Friday, February 10, 2006

Anticipating a long Valentine's weekend

I reserved a cabin for my wife and I on the lake at a beautiful state park for Sunday and Monday nights. We'll leave Sunday after church and take a leisurely cross-country drive (133 miles). We're supposed to get snow tonight and tomorrow, so hopefully we'll have a Winter Wonderland to enjoy. The park has many beautiful waterfalls, which should provide (weather permitting) ample opportunity for great photos.

I also reserved a couples' massage for us in a nearby town for Monday at Noon.

We're looking forward to a relaxing two days filled with making love, solitude, reading, making love, listening to music, sleeping in late, making love and making breakfast together.

Did I mention making love?

The cabins have only dial-up Internet, but the park lodge has wireless Internet, which will allow us to check email and so forth but not allowing the computer to suck away our attention in the cabin. Otherwise, the cabin is equipped with a full kitchen, VCR, cable TV and even a wood-burning stove (with wood supplied). The lodge has a big fireplace, where they keep a fire burning during the winter, and it also has a restaurant. It's full during the weekends, but we should pretty much have the park to ourselves on Monday and Tuesday.

Upon our return on Tuesday (Valentine's Day, which is also my 60th birthday), we are scheduled to attend an evening seminar on love at Vanderbilt University.

Lots 'o love coming our way!

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