Monday, February 27, 2006

Busy Monday

Got off to an early start today. Returned books to the library, then took car to get an oil change and tire rotation on the way to work, then left shortly after arriving at work to donate blood - I'm working on my 19th gallon (I still haven't donated as much as my previous wife received during her treatment for leukemia in 2002-03). This afternoon I have a dentist appt. to have an old crown removed and get prepped for a new one. Tonight we pick up a friend at the airport, who's promised to take us out to dinner afterwards. Somewhere between getting home and leaving for the airport I may either (1) go to Jazzercise or (2) run through the songs again that I'll play tomorrow night with a singer-songwriter.

I've been on hold almost the entire time I've been at work this morning with VZ, from whom I retired in 1998 and from whom I receive health and dental care insurance. My coverage through one provider ends tomorrow night, and my new provider's coverage is supposed to begin Mar. 1. But my information didn't get through, although VZ has promised twice to send it but didn't. Now I just got off the phone with someone from another department in VZ, who promised me (again!) to have it taken care of within 48 hours, hopefully this afternoon. Well, we can hope! His call will probably ring my cell while I'm in the dentist chair this afternoon (Buzzzzzzz Buzzzzzzz.....Owwwwwwch!).

Overall, though, life is good.

Now, for something completely different...

Did you see those silly closing ceremonies for the Olympics last night? A clown band playing "YMCA?" Whassup with that! It was like they tried to think of everything possible to make fun of the Olympics. We thought the music selection throughout the Olympics was really bizarre! Whassup with those 70s disco songs they were playing last week? Maybe they exhausted their budget before selecting music and had to settle for what they could find in the K-Mart cut-out bin.

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