Saturday, February 18, 2006

Grasping the Truth, one piece at a time

Life is like a river. You cannot know where it begins, see all its tributaries or tell where it ends when you are swimming in its flow. You can only know its path when you step back and view it from a distance.

It is impossible to grasp all of the Truth at once. Every now and then I will glimpse one small part of it. I write it down, and then at another time I will glimpse another part of the Truth. I see my understanding developing like a mosaic, or a puzzle picture. One piece after another is added, one at a time. But sometimes I will see the same part of the Truth from a perspective, like viewing a three-dimensional object from different angles. This makes the analogy more like a holographic mosaic.

I like to write. As long as I can remember, I felt had the urge to put down on paper my inner feelings at times when I feel inspiration welling up inside of me. Below is the result of one of these sessions that will provide some insight into how I feel about the meaning of my existence.

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