Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Old pictures

Last night I scanned a few old pictures from my childhood.

Here I am in 1950 at age four squinting in the bright sunshine reflecting from newly-fallen snow.

Here I am at seven years of age in the summer of 1953 with a box of Boston Terrier puppies that our dog Penny had.

In 1954 at age 8 with my sister Mary on Skyline Drive, which was an afternoon's drive from home outside of Washington, DC.

Easter, age 8 (1954) with my Granddad Bill (dad's father), his wife Edna (my dad's mom died in 1933), my mom, sister and of course our Boston Terrier Penny.

I was pulling my sister on a sled in the winter of 1954.

Here I am 1959 at age 13, the completely gawky nerd that I was then when dressed up for church.

But here I am at the same age looking much cooler.

At age 14 with my sister and dad after a big snow.

I was still pretty gawky by age 16. Here I am at Easter 1962 in the company of my Aunt Mildred, my mom, my mother's mother and my sister.

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