Monday, March 12, 2007

It's a Monday

It's a Monday, for sure.
Daylight Savings Time change meant less sleep than usual.

Wifie is on her way to spend the week with a good friend in Memphis.
It's a beautiful day in Nashville,
and I have absolutely nothing to do.

Well, I do have some projects to work on,
but none of them are "critical,"
and everyone else in the building is doing other things.

So I'm cruisin on a Monday morning,
listening to XM Satellite Radio on the computer,
hoping wifie is having an enjoyable and safe trip,
looking forward to Jazzercise tonight,

knowing I have to learn some songs this week
and knowing I'll have my cat Roger to keep me company.


Just Suzanne said...

Wifie misses both her boys, and is looking forward to a fabulous Friday return, just in time for cooler weather, which = fire in the fireplace time! wo0t!!!


RunAwayImagination said...

Boys miss wifie too! The boy with the whiskers and cat ears is really missing his mommy. The one with a goatee is missing his lover.

Looking very much forward to FNFITFPT (Friday Night Fire in the Fireplace Time).

Things might just get hot!