Monday, October 30, 2006

Drive from Madison to Eau Claire, WI

After having lunch at the Bavaria Cafe in Middleton, we started out on Rt. 14 toward Spring Green. It was a rainy, miserable day with temperatures hovering in the mid 30s. Every now and then a little frozen precipitation mixed with the rain, which made us a bit nervous. But we made it safely, thanks to wifie's excellent driving skills, which enabled me to take pictures. I would roll down the window and quickly snap a picture before the rain could soak me.

This town is aptly named. Here's a link to a story about their lutefisk dinner, and this link provides background about a fish kill that happened here in 2001.

This residence has a lovely terraced front yard.

We saw many working farms like this one.

and this one,

along with the Fish Worm, which sells BAIT 'N LIQUOR!

About here Blogger stopped accepting my pictures. So this travelogue will continue another day.

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