Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Land of 10,000 lakes

During our trip from Minneapolis to Bemidji, MN we drove by this Catholic church somewhere on state Rt. 71 whose unusual architecture caught my eye.

This sign at Itasca State Park shows the territory drained by the Mississippi River, which begins its 2,500 mile journey to the Gulf of Mexico just 600 feet away.

Nearby we saw the statue of the "Headwaters Caretaker Woman." The sculptor has this to say: "When visiting the headwaters of the Mississippi, one imagines the long journey ahead for the waters to reach the end of the journey those many miles to the south. On the beginning of its journey the river faces all four directions with south the last and final direction of that journey. This is no different than one of my people making an offering to the four directions before starting on a long trip or voyage. It is asking for a safe and pleasant journey."

At the headwaters, this metal sign tells the story of the search for the source of the Mississippi.

Minnesota is known as the "land of 10,000 lakes," and views like this tell us why.

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