Thursday, April 06, 2006

No sushi for me

I love working in downtown Nashville, which is a very walkable city. Five minutes' walk in one direction takes me to Bicentennial Mall,

and five minutes in the other direction takes me downtown.

Yesterday was a brilliant spring day, perfect for a walk downtown to Sam's, our favorite place for sushi.

We started out along James Robertson Parkway heading toward downtown,

Took a look back at our building,

passed by the Municipal Auditorium,

which appeared on Bob Dylan's album, "Nashville Skyline" (look closely in the lower right corner for the domed structure),

then turned onto 4th Avenue and passsed by the Arcade,

gazed up at a new residential tower under construction,

then at the Suntrust building

and the US Bank building.

We finally arrived at Sam's, on the corner of Church and Printer's Alley.

His prices are terrific, and the food is fresh and delicious (if you like sushi).

But, much to our dismay, everyone else in the city had the same idea. He only has space for about ten people, and it was full by 11:25 a.m.

So we headed back, and on the way entered the Arcade (which is over 100 years old, the oldest enclosed arcard in the US),

where I entered the Peanut Shop, one of Nashville's oldest businesses.

I browsed the shelves,

enjoyed the colorful signage and bought my sweetie a little surprise.

Then headed back out the Arcade toward 4th Avenue,

passed by the Auditorium once again,

crossed Gay Street (yes, that's right - GAY Street)

and returned to the office, where I heated up my consolation lunch.

And so I enjoyed a delightful walk, even though there was no shushi in it for me that day.

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Wrkinprogress said...

Poor baby! Somehow Lean Gourmet Glazed Chicken doesn't seem like much consolation in light of your potential lunch with the Sushi Nazi! :( Maybe today will be better!