Saturday, April 08, 2006

The dark side of spring

Yesterday morning on my way out to work I snapped this picture of our Japanese weeping cherry tree, which is beginning to come out in bloom.

But in the early afternoon a powerful storm system came through our area, spawning several killer tornadoes. I came home early and thankfully found our neighborhood intact.

with a bit of fog still lingering

and a lot of hail remaining on our deck.

One of the tulips growing on the bank behind our house got beaten down by the hail,

and the little stream behind the house became a temporary torment.

Hail is quite interesting up close.

We needed a few things from the store this morning, so I took my camera along as I drove through Goodlettsville to see what damage had been done. First I drove by the 31W Liquor store and noticed that they had lost part of their sign.

A house across the street lost a large tree and had lots of debris in their front yard

I could see more damage farther down into Goodlettsville.

The Autozone received a direct hit

as did the Foodland grocery store

A small commercial building across the street was completely flattened

and Dollar General got hit hard

No bargain hunting at K-Mart today

Police had Long Hollow Pike blocked

and at Kroger I saw a car that had obviously been damaged by the storm

with all the windows on the driver's side blown out

An ornamental tree in the median in front of Kroger had fallen victim

as had the KFC across Long Hollow Pike

But the worst was yet to come. A large church just off I-65 received a direct hit.

News reports said there were 40 children inside at the time, but miraculously no one was injured.

It had to be a frightening experience.

After tearing up Goodlettsville, the tornado continued on to Hendersonville and Gallatin, where it ravaged the home of country music singer William Lee Golden of the Oak Ridge Boys

Several brave souls snapped pictures of the funnel cloud in Gallatin.

which was responsible for the deaths of eleven people


Wrkinprogress said...

Excellent documentation, babe. The thing about the hail is that it was about 3 hours old by the time you snapped those shots, so melted quite a bit. Hiding out in the basement was nowhere near as much fun with you at work and me here alone with Roger.


c in knoxville said...

That is amazing. You're pictures really show the devasatation. And it was just as heartbreaking seeing it in person this weekend. I'm glad you all are okay!!

Genevieve said...

Tennessee has definitely had more than its share of killer storms this year. Let's hope this is the end of it.