Sunday, September 30, 2007

Great night of backyard jamming

Last night wifie and I attended a backyard birthday party that included some musical jamming with some people we had seen in a band Thursday night. I bought their CD and learned the songs this morning, which impressed them and enabled me to show off my piano skills.

Unlike most piano players, I prefer to play in a group and almost never play solo. I thrive on the exchange of energy that happens when people make music together.

I handed out keyboard business cards to several of the musicians I jammed with. One said he would call me to do some studio work on a CD that he is producing for another one of the players who was there tonight. We played several of the songs tonight, which everyone enjoyed immensely.

I really like energizing this part of my soul. This may or may not lead to money, but it's something I must do to stay healthy and in balance.

This is my antidote for the ladder.

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obxbill said...

I just use chairs now. The ladders always make my feet hurt, cuz I don't wear shoes most of the time. Stupid ladders! Trix are for kids... Sorry for the weird comment. I have a head-cold today and the meds are making me a little loopey :) Normally, I wouldn't mind it, but today I feel like loopey-poop in a rusty ice cream scoop. blech!

Glad you had fun jammin'

I'm gunna get one of these for my mtn bike real soon! This will help me get rid of my ladder too. :)