Monday, May 01, 2006

Kill the computers

My wife worked online until several months ago. Today she got several IMs from anonymous individuals who apparently got hold of an employee list from one of her previous employers. This really makes my blood boil!

One idiot knew her real name and the city where we live.

I'm sure I know how this happened. We have learned that many of these online employers have been downsizing

and moving more of these jobs offshore.

No doubt there are plenty of pissed-off former online workers,

and all it takes is one of them to decide to seek revenge by releasing sensitive information,

thus (the idiot apparently believes) potentially exposing the employer to lawsuits from people like us.

I'm about ready to throw #$%^&@ computer out the window!


Genevieve said...

What can you do about the incidents you describe? Probably nothing. That's why it's so frustrating!!!

We just got a letter from our health insurance company that said one of their execs had a laptop stolen that had our names, addresses,SS#'s, etc. They do not anticipate the data will be used for identity fraud; however we should check our credit reports immediately and the insurance company will pay for a year of credit monitoring. Lovely, huh?

My husband says computers were invented by the devil and I guess he might be right.

obxbill said...

A similar thing happened with a large portion of our customer base in CA. In order to mitigate the situation, my company paid 9.99 per month per employee for a year to pay for credit monitoring services. There were over 15,000 companies' employees involved and these were fairly large companies whose employees were affected. If the avg number of employees in each company were 250 to 500 employees, and in some cases several thousand employees. The cost to my company was between $37M and $75M.

I think that if you contacted the previous employer and spoke with their legal dept, you could convince them to at least pay the 9.99/mo for credit monitoriing services.

Did they know her last name? If not, then there's not a whole lot they can do. I'm sure that you can have all anonymous IMs blocked some how.

These companies had better start to be more careful with the data that they hold. Otherwise, they're up for a rude awakening.

My company was able to take a 50M hit, but a smaller company would be put out of business in a second.