Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Halloween debut with Two-Bit Eddie

As reported on Oct. 6, I've begun playing keyboards with a Nashville classic rock band, "Two-Bit Eddie." I'm the hippy face peeking out between the werewolf (John, our bassist) and drummer Jim (with the fake knife sticking out of his head). Our lead guitarist, Stin, is dressed as Jed Clampett and standing on the left holding the knife. Norm, our leader and lead singer, is dressed as a Wall Street banker (what could be scarier than that?) standing in the rear.

My debut was Halloween (10-31-08) at the Charlotte Pike VFW. I videotaped the event and was surprised at how good the sound came out. Here are a few highlights. You'll need to install Quicktime (a free download from Apple) in order to view the videos.

What'd I Say (where I am introduced)

The band has gotten tighter with each subsequent practice, and we're learning a ton of new songs. Soon we'll have enough songs to play for three or four gigs without a repeat. We play next on Friday, Dec. 12 at the VFW (7220 Charlotte Pike) from 8 to midnight, and we also play there again for New Year's Eve. If you're in Nashville, c'mon by and see us! There's no cover charge, and although the club does allow smoking, the ventilation is very good.


Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

Dear newest member of 2-Bit,

Congratulations on a wonderful debut and for following your bliss. You inspire me. And thank you so much for your gracious comments. I've told you before and I mean it every time, you warmest wishes and concern and support mean the world.

Keep on rockin' in our free world.
xo Graciel

Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

Please read my reply comment on my post of 12-08-08.

Graciel @ Evenstar Art said... more reply on my blog for you...please. thanks for the extended story!