Friday, May 09, 2008

Antique farm implements

Prairie Bluestem recently posted a picture of a horse-drawn hay rake, which prompted me to dig back into my own photo archives. In June 2003 I attended a reunion of the O'Rourkes, to whom I am related through my father's mother. Her grandparents immigrated from Ireland to Wisconsin in the mid 1800s, and her parents homesteaded in the sandhill region of northwestern Nebraska in the late 1800s. The reunion was held at RuJoDen, a family ranch south of Chadron, NE where my cousins Jim and Lora O'Rourke maintain a huge collection of horse-drawn farm machinery.


Sarah said...

I'm liking these! Very artsy and cool shapes.

ptg said...

Looks like my yard. Perhaps instead of cleaning it up, I'll start calling it a 'sculpture garden'.