Monday, March 03, 2008

Where I'm From

I am from the old piano,

the AM radio

and the record player.

I am from the creek in which I discovered frogs, toads and salamanders,

from the azaleas,



and the tall oaks under whose canopy I discovered the world of Nature.

I am from the Frozen Dairy Bar whose creamy goodness delighted me

and from the 7-11 where I got cigarettes to smoke with my friends in the woods

and lighter fluid to set the creek on fire.

I am from Granddad Bill the railroad man,

Grandaddy Peacock the Knower of All Things and Nanny the southern grandma.

I am from, "Do you have a grain of sense?", my mom's spaghetti sauce

and the library stocked with books that enlightened and incited a lifetime of learning about the world.


Sarah said...

A creek on fire? That must have been an interesting day. :)

RunAwayImagination said...

I think playing with fire is a "guy thing." My friend and I discovered that lighter fluid would float on water. One of our first tricks was to put some lighter fluid in the toilet, then set it on fire and flush so we could watch the fire go down the toilet. Later on we tried the same trick on the creek. Oh, and there was the time we took the paint inserts out of a watercolor paint set and put one in the shower head and the other in the toilet tank. Back in those days (1950s), kids had to make up their own fun.