Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lunar eclipse

I took some pictures of the lunar eclipse, my first attempt at night photography with my digital camera (Canon Powershot A95). It was in the mid 20s, and I was freezing. I used my rather light aluminum tripod - yes I know the pictures would be better with a heavier tripod. And they would also be better with a telephoto lens. But I did get some interesting results.

I was using at 15-second exposure, the maximum for my camera. The moon pictures came out okay, but this one was plain lucky. Notice the dashed line below the moon - that was a plane passing through the picture with its red light flashing, which created a dashed line in the picture.

This picture captured the ambient light reflecting off the Japanese Cherry tree in our front yard. You can see the redness on the blossoms signaling the coming of spring.

This was another interesting result, not of the moon but of the stars against a tall oak tree in the yard.

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