Friday, May 18, 2007

Ravi Shankar and getting old

Sometimes your age catches you by surprise.

Last night at Jazzercise (which I've been doing for 19 years) we danced to a tune by Norah Jones, and the instructor asked if anyone knew who her famous father was.

I answered, "Ravi Shankar," which drew inquisitive looks from the others.

I explained that Ravi Shankar had been the Beatles guru.

I got to shake Ravi Shankar's hand following a concert he gave at William & Mary in 1968, where I was a senior.

Little exchanges like this make me realize that I am in a different generation now. Many middle-aged people seem to be only vaguely aware of the Beatles and other cultural icons of my youth.
I don't really mind getting old as long as I can maintain my physical health and vitality, which I seem to be doing pretty well so far. I turned 61 this past Valentine's day.

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Genevieve said...

My son is a Beatles fan. He's not a Beatles trivia expert, but he has a good collection of Beatles music that he listens to a lot.